The primary mission is to develop novel intellectual technologies and innovations for industry and education addressing global challenges facing man and society as a whole in the framework of Intelligent Planet paradigm. Read more
Research agenda concentrates on AI fundamental and application problems including mathematical foundation for AI design, hardware solutions for cognitive computing, AI ethics and autonomous vehicles. Read more
  • Double diploma from ETU "LETI" and Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation.
  • The AIWS Young Leaders community invite.
  • Offline and online education formats.
CEO, Head of Autonomous Transport System Laboratory
Scientific Director
Head of Laboratory of Intellectual Technologies in Education
Kirill Krinkin
Mihail Kupriyanov
Sergey Pozdnyakov
Nikolay Vasiliev
Head of Algorithmic Mathematics and Logic Laboratory
Head of Laboratory of Distributed AI and Communications
Head of Laboratory of Neuromorphic Computing and Technologies
Head of Data Mining Laboratory
Yulia Shichkina
Olga Bureneva
Ivan Kholod
Evgeniya Novikova
Head of Laboratory of AI Security and Ethics