Stress action on biochemical systems, gene regulation and Deep Neural Network
In this presentation, we consider stability of biological systems under an infinite sequence of random stresses and also it is addressed to highly debated and intriguing problem: why biosystems evolve to complexity, and how to describe this tendency in a precise mathematical form?
In 2001, M. Gromov is assumed that any biosystem (for example, a cell) with fixed parameters will be, earlier or later, destroyed by random fluctuations (by a sequence of stresses), but if the system evolves (producing offspring) then, in principle, it can survive eternally.
The problem was studied in the series of works of S. Vakulenko and D. Grigoriev in 2003-2012. It was shown in particular that genotype length should grow (on average) to provide eternal stability. However, now it becomes clear this result is not really biologically interesting and realistic.
Speaker: Sergey Vakulenko

The research is supported bythe Project of development of the world-class scientific center «Pavlov center «Integrative physiology for medicine, high-tech healthcare, and stress-resilience technologies»

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