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Hackathon on data processing, neurotechnologies and machine learning methods
ETU "LETI” in conjunction with SPCN-2020 Taiwan held a hackathon on data processing using neurotechnologies and machine learning methods from November, 9 to 13, 2020.

This event is aimed at attracting the younger generation of researchers, increasing interest in data processing using artificial intelligence methods and the development of neurotechnologies, including the field of medicine. The hackathon was held within the framework of SPCN 2020 - V IEEE International Conference «Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies».

In total, 6 teams in each direction took part in the hackathon from Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television and ETU “LETI”. The participant had only 30 hours to complete the task, but despite such a tight deadline, the teams showed excellent results! The teams' decisions were assessed by foreign colleagues as well.

Researchers from universities collaborating with ETU "LETI" including the Toyota Institute of Technology in Chicago and the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology participated. Participants who won prize places were awarded with diplomas of the SPCN 2020 hackathon, and the winners who took first places received valuable prizes.

November, 13