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Current results of scientific activity in November
Over the last November's week, video materials of the seminar "Transformation of Artificial Intelligence: from Automatic to Conscious" were processed and published. This seminar was conducted based on the materials of the lecture Y. Bengio "From System 1 Deep Learning to System 2 Deep Learning" (NeurIPS-2019).

The structure of seminar "The state of the art of Explainable AI" has been determined. It is planned to be held in early December (dates are currently being coordinated with key participants).

An interview about the role of ETU “LETI” in the consortium was made for Channel One (Russian TV Channel). The main directions of ETU “LETI”'s activities were presented, the role of research at the intersection of physiology, medicine and artificial intelligence, the importance of harmonizing humans and systems with elements of artificial intelligence was emphasized in the video interview.

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