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Seminar of Tropical Hypothesis of Jacobian

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The classical Jacobian conjecture is one of the most attractive open problems in algebra. 
It is formulated in an elementary way and gives a criterion for the invertibility of a polynomial mapping.
The seminar is dedicated to the short introduction to tropical mathematics and the tropical version of the Jacobian conjecture that has been proven.

Speaker: Dmitry Yurievich Grigoriev 

The seminar is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation by the Agreement № 075-15-2020-933 dated 13.11.2020 on the provision of a grant in the form of subsidies from the federal budget for the implementation of state support for the establishment​ and development of the world-class scientific center «Pavlov​ center «Integrative physiology for medicine, high-tech healthcare,​ and stress-resilience technologies» (NCMU)

More about the event via link (in Russian)