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Meaning as a Way of Communication Between Natural and Artificial Intelligences

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The seminar is based on the article by H. Georg Schulze "The Synthesis and Decoding of Meaning", published in 2021, which is devoted to meaning in the context of constructing an artificial general intellectual system, which is relevant in matters of building hybrid intelligence.

The first part of the seminar will discuss the role of the Turing test and some of the main approaches to the explanation of meaning, as well as the generation of meaning and its dual nature.

In the second part of the seminar, the components of meaning will be considered: quantum (quantum) and the qualitative (qualia) orthogonal to it, the coordinate system of meaning, as well as the role and place of the language of communication in building the mental states of the listener.

The third and final part of the seminar will discuss how quanta and qualia arise, how they generate meaningful mental states, how these states propagate to give rise to thought, how they are transmitted and interpreted, and how they can be modeled to create a thinking machine.

Speaker: Shevskaya Natalia, assistant of the MOEVM department, ETU LETI

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