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Integrated Information Theory: How to Analyze Consciousness

Integrated Information Theory: How to Analyze Consciousness

The seminar will raise the issue of explainability of consciousness, as well as Integrated Information Theory 3.0 (Integrated Information Theory 3.0). The seminar is based on a publication in the journal PLoS computational biology, made in 2014. Despite the fact that this article is no longer fresh by the standards of bioinformatics, the postulates and axioms presented in it are of interest to this day for a quantitative analysis of the degree of consciousness in artificial systems.

The first part of the seminar will discuss the axioms and postulates of IIT, the mathematical formalism and examples for each of the postulates, as well as models for describing "personality".

The second part will present results that follow directly from IIT, allowing us to give examples of simple systems with consciousness and, conversely, complex systems without consciousness.

February 08, 7PM Moscow time

In Russian language

Speaker: Filatov Anton, Research Assistant of the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

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