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Healthcare Process Mining Opportunities

Health care processes should be considered as processes with complex interaction patterns that are subject to strong changes over time.

Process mining allows you to do the following:
  1. building a medical system model based on events
  2. verification of compliance with this model
  3. model update and refinement
  4. It is easy to get confused in the large amount of information on the application of Process mining approaches in healthcare.

This report, based on the article by Rojas, Eric, et al. "Process mining in healthcare: A literature review." Journal of biomedical informatics 61 (2016): 224-236, will allow you to structure the material under study and identify key aspects that should be focused on in a more detailed study

Speaker: Chaika Konstantin Vladimirovich, assistant of the department of MOEM, SPbGETU "LETI"

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