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Bit-streaming data representation is a certain abstraction that involves the processing of sequences of single bits and is based on the integration of digital and analog architectural solutions, and process descriptions using neuro and quantum wave approaches.

Bit-stream conversions are built on the basis of analog-to-digital dualism, in which a digital element base is used to implement analog continuous-sequential processing principles.

The report will present:
  • original approaches to the organization of bit-stream transformations;
  • methods of interaction between the elements of the bit-stream environment;
  • elemental basis for constructing nodes of the bit-stream environment;
  • results of model experiments and prototyping of bit-stream converters.
  • Currently, electrical impulses traditionally act as the basic entity of the physical carrier of bit-stream data. The element base of computer technology is evolving into the field of biological and neuro structures and interactions, and in the future the proposed solutions can be transferred to other entities used as carriers of bit-stream data.

Speaker: Bureneva Olga Igorevna, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ETU LETI

Reqistration is required (seminar in Russian)
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