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III International Conference on Control in Technical Systems CTS'2019

The III International Conference on Control in Technical Systems (CTS'2019) will take place on October 30 – November 1, 2019 at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» (ETU “LETI”), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Topics of the Conference

1. Theory of Automatic Control;
2. Theory of Systems and System Analysis;
3. Programming of Real-time Systems;
4. Design of Distributed Control Systems for Dynamic Objects;
5. Adaptive and Optimal Control Systems;
6. Fault Tolerant Control Systems;
7. Identification of Control Objects;
8. Administration in Information Systems;
9. Situational Control;
10. Information Technologies and Knowledge Representation;
11. Automated Control Systems for Technological Processes;
12. Automated Information and Control Systems and Complexes;
13. Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Control Systems;
14. Computer Technologies in Control.


1. Modern methods of control in technical systems
2. Modeling of complex control systems
3. IT in Education
4. Methods of information processing control
5. Robotic systems and complexes

Russian and English are the official languages of the conference.


1. IEEE Russia North West Section.
2. Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI».

International Program Committee

     1. Prof. Vladimir G. Peshekhonov, Member of RAS (Russia)
     2. Prof. Viktor N. Sheludko (Russia)

Deputy Chairs:
     1. Prof. Rafael M. Yusupov, Corr. Member of RAS (Russia)
     2. Dr. Ivan I. Holod (Russia)
     3. Dr. Yuriy V. Sentyabryov (Russia)

     1. Dr. Semion D. Altshul (Russia)
     2. Prof. Oleg V. Beliy (Russia)
     3. Prof. Alexey A. Bobtsov (Russia)
     4. Prof. Gennady E. Veselov (Russia)
     5. Prof. Igor A. Kalyaev, Corr. Member of RAS (Russia)
     6. Prof. Valeriy M. Lohin (Russia)
     7. Prof. Viktor V. Luchinin (Russia)
     8. Prof. Reinhard Langmann (Germany)
     9. Dr. Vladimir L. Rastrygin (Latvia)     
   10. Prof. Edgar Ya. Rapoport (Russia)
   11. Prof. Boris Ya. Sovetov (Russia)
   12. Prof. Oleg A. Stepanov (Russia)
   13. Prof. Viktor A. Tupik (Russia)
   14. Prof. Lev V. Utkin (Russia)
   15. Prof. Nikolay B. Filimonov (Russia)  
   16. Prof. Tamara B. Chistyakova (Russia)
   17. Prof. Viktor V. Putov (Russia)
   18. Dr. Sergey O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)
   19. Dr. Mikhail Yu. Shestopalov (Russia)
   20. Dr. Tatiana Minav (Finland)
   21. Dr. Jani Heikkinen (Finland)
   22. Prof. Alexander A. Yuzhakov (Russia)

Organizing Committee

1. Prof. Viktor V. Luchinin (Russia)

Deputy Chair:
2. Dr. Mikhail Yu. Shestopalov (Russia)

1. Dr. Yuriy A. Korablev (Russia)
2. Dr. Elena E. Kotova (Russia)
3. Dr. Dmitry I. Kaplun (Russia)
4. Dr. Anastasia D. Stockaya (Russia)
5. Olga N. Zhuravleva (Russia)


Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"
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Main contacts

Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 17:00 Moscow time
Ul. Professora Popova, 5, 197376, Saint-Petersburg, The Russian Federation
+7 812 346-46-37